Leadership Team


Dr. Joseph Goins

Chief Executive Officer

Focused on innovation in education, Dr. Joseph Goins’ career began as a Vocational Educator in the state of Tennessee and has continued to innovate academic and commercial spaces alike. Dr. Goins would go on to further his education in the state of Tennessee, earning a MS in Administration and Supervision (University of Tennessee), and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy (Vanderbilt University) for a broader view of the challenges facing, and potential of, modern education. He has developed foundational skills programs for learners with the Tennessee Board of Regents, occupational profiles for a work-ready credential, and a statewide basic skills/mathematics curriculum focused on career pathways. Dr. Goins has built upon his desire to integrate innovation into education in everything he has done, promoting academic achievement, educator effectiveness, and outcome-driven leadership strategies.

Though adept at increasing market share, profitability, and the development of product offerings at his previous places of employment, Dr. Goins has never lost sight of his goal and purpose. In the private sector, Dr. Goins has focused on creating carefully crafted and customized solutions in education and the “Ed. Tech” industries. He has delivered sustainable academic augmentation processes for students and functional support for educators and administrators. Leading sales, marketing, and professional development efforts in all markets across the U.S., as well as internationally, Dr. Goins is well-versed in the financial, technical, and operational aspect of education, and the many parties that play a role in creating academic and occupational success.

Dr. Danielle Tallent

Chief Learning Officer

Dr. Danielle Tallent has worked in education for over fifteen years. Starting her career as a college instructor, she gained expertise in the use of various instructional strategies that support student learning and growth. Her experience in online learning environments contributed to a strong foundation in online teaching methodology and best practices in the use of a variety of digital learning tools. In her current work with NS4ed and Pathway2Careers, she guides the development of clear and effective instructional materials for educators and students, focusing primarily on career readiness resources and the use of labor market data in educational settings. Utilizing her PhD in Developmental Psychology (Univeristy of Denver, 2009), Dr.Tallent specializes in making information relatable and developmentally appropriate to learners of diverse ages and backgrounds. She enjoys creating materials and resources that center around meaningful learning outcomes that are aligned with the personal goals of the learner.

Kelly Kennedy

Research and Digital Content Specialist

A seasoned teacher and school administrator with experience in K-12 schools and higher education, Kelly Kennedy brings a broad educational perspective to the team. She thrives on fostering the growth and development of others, thus specializes in providing operational and technical support for school-focused projects, digital content and systems management, educational research, and professional development. She is well-versed in educational best practice and using data to transform curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Dylan Rainwater

Director of Technology

Dylan is relentlessly passionate about two things: education and technology. After teaching himself computer programming in middle school to place 2nd in the Alabama Consortium for Technology in Education Information Technology challenge, he went on to develop 5 mobile applications before graduating 3rd in his high school class. While in high school he also studied computer science at the competitive Governor’s School for Computational Physics, before further studying computer science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. While studying computer science at UT, Dylan took several internships with NASA, Capital One, and others where he learned modern software engineering, dev-ops, and information technology practices. Now, Dylan applies his advanced technical knowledge to continue development on all Pathway2Careers tools, optimizing and organizing legacy systems while planning development for the next generation of technology-based solutions.

Troy Price

Troy Price began podcasting in February of 2006. He has produced hundreds of episodes covering topics such as TV Shows, Crossword Puzzles, Grants Management, and Entrepreneurial Efforts. He has written for Industry publications on Podcasting and presented trainings on both the technology and power of the podcasting medium. 


Francisco Garcia

Migrant Education Coordinator

With both a heart and a mind for education, Francisco Garcia has served in a variety of roles in education, as an administrator, educator, and a leader. Francisco has dedicated a great deal of his career to serving Hispanic students and the nation’s migratory children and youth, also collaborating with the US Commission on Civil Rights. Francisco, owning a MA in Education from Boise State University and a BA from the College of Idaho, is valued for his insight regarding the challenges of underserved and culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Hasan Davis, J.D.

Inclusion Expert

A. Hasan Davis (Hasan Davis) has reshaped himself over the course of many years through dedication, diligence, and dynamic thinking. Hasan has become a thought leader in the fields of education and juvenile justice, making youth support and guidance his purpose. Utilizing his missteps as a child and young adult to reshape his future, and the futures of countless others, Hasan has shown his skill as a practitioner in these areas through successful tenures as Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner (Dept. of Juvenile Justice, Kentucky), and impacted the lives of over 3,000 young people. He has, additionally, helped to inform policy decisions, testifying before Federal Legislators, and as a keynote speaker for 20 years, using his experiences and training to guide many more.

GreyEd Solutions

EdTech Partner

GreyED Solutions works with educators and edtech companies to maximize the use of technology in schools. We ensure educators’ voices are heard during the edtech product development process and we help schools implement technology solutions that empower today’s learners.


Edgar Fermin

Director International Relations

Edgar R. Fermin has become a valued partner, leading and supporting innovation in the consultation of educational entities. Through his training in BS at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts, in Management Information Systems, and his experience, as a senior information system consultant, Edgar is a leader and creative problem solver in the performance of analytical and management duties for partners, clients, and allies.

Trevor Stokes

Labor Market Analyst

Trevor Stokes regularly serves as a subject matter expert in labor market analysis to support career-driven curriculum development, regional economic research and growth planning, industry sector partnerships, educational product development and public policy recommendations. Personal experience in secondary education, adult technical training and workforce development have contributed to a practical and digestible approach to interpreting and applying labor market data.

Mr. Stokes has provided leadership to some of the country’s most innovative and successful career-driven education and workforce development initiatives, including GoBuild Alabama, Work Ready Austin, and the Kentucky Career and College Readiness Transformation. His writing and research have contributed to successful efforts to secure Investing in Innovation, Race to the Top, AMJIAC, Workforce Innovation Fund and Ready to Work federal grants.

Most recently, his industry profiles informed sector-based economic development strategies for the state of Arizona. Empirical data analysis was refined by direct engagement with industry leaders as SWOT analyses were conducted and preferred strategies identified for the Aerospace and Defense, Advanced Manufacturing and Bioscience and Health Care sectors.

Trevor is a Certified Community Researcher and an alum of Lee University in East Tennessee where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he supports the state’s efforts to grow, attract and retain quality jobs.

Dr. William Hayes

Principal of Mastery High School of Camden

Dr. William Hayes is the founding principal of Mastery High School of Camden, a Renaissance partner school in Camden, New Jersey . Prior to his current position, he was a turnaround principal at Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy Pre-K-8 in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Hayes spent his early career as a high school teacher and administrator in Boston Public Schools. He is a 2007 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College and received his master’s in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In 2016 he received his doctorate of education from Vanderbilt University with a concentration in education leadership and policy. His work and advocacy has focused on closing the access and opportunity gap for low-income children of color particularly in urban areas. As the founding principal of Mastery High School Dr. Hayes successfully launched a dual enrollment and automotive certification program while simultaneously building a community hub for families in the area through the monthly foodbank. Dr. Hayes prides himself on being a humble servant leader with a heart for the people and a will for change.

Dreama Gentry

Consultant: College Access

Rural Appalachian. First-generation college graduate. A hope dealer who works to ensure all Appalachian children have the opportunity to succeed. An advocate for rural schools who brings the voice of rural children and rural educators into policy discussions. Since 1999, Dreama Gentry has led Berea College’s educational outreach into Appalachian Kentucky as the executive director of Partners for Education, which has an annual budget of $36 million. Gentry designs and implements projects to that build on four core strategies: engaging families, lifting educational aspirations, building academic skills and connecting college and career. By leveraging funding from federal programs, such as GEAR UP and Promise Neighborhoods, Gentry has provided opportunities and support to more than 100,000 rural Kentucky youth. An Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellow, she also serves on the board of directors for the Pine Mountain Settlement School and Fahe, a community development non-profit. She is a citizen at large member of the Kentucky Early Childhood Advisory Council and a member of the equity coalition convened by the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence. Gentry holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Berea College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky.

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