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New Mexico

Partnering with the New Mexico Public Education Department and New Mexico Workforce Solutions, we provided effective labor market tools and career readiness resources to over ninety school districts in the state. Our continued work supports the use of labor market data in data-informed decision-making, including the evaluation and development of programs of study and implementation of career exploration and preparation activities.

New Mexico Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

New to Perkins V is the requirement that each local application include a comprehensive local needs assessment. This needs assessment serves as the foundation of the local application and is used to direct future spending on CTE programs. To assist the state of New Mexico in this process, Pathway2Careers developed an online portal that delivers state-related information and manages the collection of the local reporting data from agencies and consortia. This portal streamlined the needs assessment process, providing a central point of connection for both the state and local consortia to collect and review critical information.

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In our partnership with the Tennessee School Board Association, we developed an education-relevant labor market system that can be accessed by over one hundred and fifty school districts in the state of Tennessee. Data in this system is mapped to each district, providing the opportunity for districts to review labor market data that is specific to their workforce region(s). This system has been widely used in the State to understand regional workforce needs and align program offerings with these demands. The system has also played an integral role in supporting the completion of the Perkins V comprehensive local needs assessment in Tennessee.

Collierville, TN

In addition to state-wide services, Pathway2Careers is also committed to supporting individual districts and agencies in their efforts to connect with their local workforce needs. In our work with Collierville Schools, we have developed a data system that is specific to their district and local workforce region. The customized data, reports, pathways, and resources available in this system have been used by administrators and educators within the district to strengthen education practices, adjust course offerings, and incorporate career relevance into instructional content. For Collierville Schools, this site serves to reveal regional career opportunities that provide clear direction for teaching and learning.
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Southwest Tennessee Career Readiness Network

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development awarded the Tennessee Board of Regents a $250,000 Rural Community Development Initiative grant to improve educational and workforce readiness in four rural counties in the southwestern region of Tennessee. As a primary provider for this grant, Pathway2Careers developed a career readiness portal that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents with career-related resources that are specific to this region. Additionally, this portal provides access to a unique instance of P2C data system that displays labor market data explicitly for the counties included in the grant. Information in this career readiness portal has been used to provide effective career resources and training opportunities to students with the intent of improving their access to viable careers in their rural communities.


Extending beyond states and districts, we have also partnered with educational service agencies. In Nebraska, we developed a customized data system for ESU2, an educational service agency that serves multiple school districts in the southeast corner of Nebraska. Keeping the needs of their districts in mind, particularly regarding the new data demands of Perkins V, ESU2 requested a regional data site that would provide customized information mapped to each district. The ESU2 data site contains labor market data for each district, as well as resources that guide districts in the development of regionally aligned CTE programs.
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West Virginia

Among our collection of analytic tools, Pathway2Careers developed employer surveys that assess employer skill demands in states and local regions. Working with the West Virginia Department of Education, a state-wide survey was distributed to hundreds of employers. In this survey, questions centered on three primary focus areas: (1) skill needs in math, ELA, technology, digital literacy and soft skills, (2) employer preferences for degrees or skills, and (3) employer awareness of state-based career programs. Data was collected and summarized in a multi-page report with recommendations for improving skill preparation in West Virginia schools. This report was used by WVDE to reevaluate instructional focus in math, ELA, technology, digital literacy, and soft skills. Efforts have been made to develop strategies to close targeted skills gaps.

High Plains Regional Education Cooperative

The High Plains Regional Education Cooperative (HPREC) serves several school districts in the northwest region of New Mexico. As a recipient of a Next Gen CTE grant in New Mexico, HPREC partnered with Pathway2Careers to improve access to CTE courses in their rural districts. In our work with HPREC, Pathway2Careers created an online course portal that offers access to a number of online CTE programs, including Information Technology. This online portal provides students in the northwest region of New Mexico the ability to gain valuable education and training that would otherwise be lacking in their rural communities.

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Early College High Schools

NS4ed (a parent company to Pathway2Careers) has developed extensive experience in working with early college high schools (ECHS). As a leader in the development and support of ECHS, NS4ed offers a comprehensive approach to building and strengthening these schools. Emphasis is placed on best practices and development efforts center around several core principles of ECHS — equity, academic, pathways, intentional student support, career pathway alignment, and local partnerships with higher education and workforce. NS4ed has assisted ECHS programs in the development of technical resource centers, principal leadership training, recruitment/enrollment of high-need students, career-focused curricula, work-based learning, and a number of other integral activities that support and maintain the effective operation of these schools

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